We have finally come back after a looong hiatus!!

I would like to start off by thanking anyone and everyone who waited throughout this process, you hold a very special place in all the hearts of the HostSapling Team and hope for your continued support as we move through the next couple of weeks.

To anyone that is new in our system, welcome to HostSapling! we strive to create a friendly community that's, helpful, appreciative, and understanding whilst providing affordable hosting for games, websites and software (Bot's, API's, RSS Feeds, etc..). Currently we are using a temporary billing portal (what you are currently on) as our store but this will change soon. if you purchased a server on this software and we change to the new platform, we will require you to provide some information so please keep that handy. 

Lastly, we are here to support. please don't hesitate to email admin@hostsapling.net for any inquires or open a ticket, depending on what question(s) you may have, the discord is also available.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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